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And value high and the level of long-term inflation.


Invest in high-growth industries

Image by Slejven Djurakovic


Intel Corporation

| 4,9% p.a. z kupónu

| +45.47 % - 68,45 % nad rámec kupónu

| Senio rní závazek společnosti Intel Corp.

Image by Slejven Djurakovic

Průběžně + 32 % za 15 měsíců.

(minulá výkonnost není zárukou boudícho vývoje)



České státní dluhopisy

| 4,85 % p.a. z kupónu

| +35 % - 60 % nad rámec kupónu

| Státem plně garantovaná investice


Průběžně +22 až + 34,5 % za 12 měsíců.

(minulá výkonnost není zárukou boudícho vývoje)

CPI property logo white.JPG


CPI Property GROUP

| 10,8 % p.a. do splatnosti

| +58,8 % oportunisticky do 3 let

| Kovenant na maximální výši celkového LTV 60 %

CPI property logo white.JPG

Why cooperate with us?


We analyze many trends in the world. In this way, we manage to estimate the most promising sectors in the early stages.


We have invested in all the investments that we recommend to clients.

Investment principles

We have developed unique investment principles that guide our investment process. More about the investment philosophy.

Personal approach

For us, you are not number XYZ if you need something. Each client has their own private broker who knows them and will quickly solve their possible requirements


We have been in the market for over 12 years, we understand assets across the spectrum, from ETFs to bonds to derivatives, so we are able to provide comprehensive advice with insight and maturity.

How does it work?

Money management and risk management 
Creating an investment strategy
Timing of position entry and exit
Information on developments on world stock exchanges
Management of cash accounts
Transfer of funds
Execution and realization of trade instructions
Business application management

Our partner company is J&T Banka, as, which is also one of the largest securities dealers in the Czech Republic, with which we open investment accounts for clients, as it is a completely reliable partner.

Creating, managing and canceling an account is free.

Proč s námi

What is your goal?

Asset building

Financial security for a distant period in the future.

Smart annuity

Passive income like rentals, but without the worries.

Investor "Junior"

Let your children learn to care about money.

Effective account

Gets the most out of short-term corporate savings.

Do you already have a portfolio and don't know how to use it? 

We have a portfolio audit service just for you. We will analyze your portfolio and propose a solution to your needs.

What can you expect?


Significant savings in administration costs. 


A portfolio corresponding to the macro trends of the 21st century. 


Higher returns while maintaining the same risk.



I'm tracking five companies that I will buy if the right situation arises. Novavax - I believe that a vaccine with a high . . .


According to Imperium Finance CEO Václav Kosáček, the persistent high volatility of cryptocurrencies is the biggest obstacle

and opportunity for all.

Screenshot 2022-02-17 at 13.22.47.png

From the point of view of systemic risk, the situation is manageable. China has enough tools to solve the situation. At the same time, it is in the interest of China itself, since . . .

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