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Díky podílu na zisku si můžete po 12 letech odnést desítky milionů korun.

I want to start where I can grow.

I want to join a company where it makes sense to build a client portfolio.

Pracovní schůzka

We aim to provide investment services of the highest quality, with an emphasis on capital protection and achieving above-standard returns.

What will be the content of your work?

Communication on a daily basis with owners of Czech companies 

Presenting investment opportunities

Negotiation of terms of cooperation

Maintaining and developing relationships with existing clients of the company

Analysis of client portfolios

Work with corporate cash-flow and efficient capital allocation

Understanding and navigating all financial assets across the spectrum

Position detail




Stockbroker - Junior

Working hours




What do we expect from you?

Very good presentation skills

A passion for the investment world and a desire to build a career in this area

Self-education and the need to learn new things

Openness, loyalty, diligence, sense of business

Systematicity and responsibility

What do you get with us?

Education and know-how of the company

The opportunity to build a client portfolio that is not dependent on one product, on the contrary, we work with all assets available on the global capital market

The freedom to invest in what appears to be the best opportunity

Space for growth, where you set the only limits yourself

Unrivaled financial reward

Possibility to present unique investment opportunities 

Příležitost vydělat inteligentními investicemi a přístupem život měnící kapitál

What awaits you?

The first step is the most important. Send your CV and cover letter. We will contact you as soon as possible, within 14 days at the latest.
At the first meeting you will have the opportunity to get more information about the position. You will meet your supervisor at the interview, so prepare questions that interest you.
Schůzka zaměstnanců
It may happen that some succeed in the first round. However, we usually invite applicants to a second meeting to make sure we understand each other.
If we have agreed on the specified conditions, then it is enough to sign the contract and we will look forward to working together. 
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