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Stock broker

I want to start where I can grow.

I want to join a company where it makes sense to build a client portfolio.

Pracovní schůzka

We aim to provide investment services of the highest quality, with an emphasis on capital protection and achieving above-standard returns.

Are you good at communicating with clients, can you win them over for the investments you present?

Does it not suit you that the company where you work is pushing one product with which all cooperation and trust stand and fall?

Do you feel underpaid financially for the work you do?

Do you want to serve clients on multiple levels, rather than push them, for example, group development bonds or promissory notes?

Do you long for freedom in what you provide to clients and the possibility of giving them the best that is currently available on the market?

Position detail




Stockbroker - Senior

Working hours




Co nabízíme?

Stabilitu, zázemí a jistotu pro Váš růst

Velmi silné produkty a investice

Možnost silně diverzifikovat klienstký kapitál a tím klienta obsloužit na více frontách

Získat tak signifikatně vyšší kapitál od jednoho klienta

Opční program

Příležitost vydělat inteligentními investicemi a přístupem život měnící kapitál

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