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"People often don't know what they want until you show them."

–  Steve Jobs

JT banka

In cooperation with J&T Bank  we enable  100% security of money to which only the client has access.  Imperium Finance ensures all key aspects of investments and informs the client about developments on world stock exchanges.

Account creation procedure
Setting up a trading account

Establishment of an investment account with the company J&T Banka, as,  which is also one of the largest securities dealers in the Czech Republic. Creating, managing and canceling an account is free .

Framework agreement

To open an account, it is necessary to sign framework agreements approved by the CNB with J&T Banka, as and also with  Imperium Finance sro (see  documents ). Contracts can be signed in person, or they can be settled by mail.

Login to the web application

Your account is set up no later than the day after the contracts are signed at our company headquarters, or the day after they arrive back to us by post. Subsequently, you will receive login details for the internet application by e-mail, where you will get a complete overview of all investments.

Transfer of funds

You send money to your account in the selected currency (EUR, USD, CZK, GBP, CHF). Account numbers of individual currencies can be found on the front page of the commission agreement. Your social security number serves as a variable symbol for payment identification.

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