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The Boeing Company 

Why buy this bond?
The investment can be turned into money at any time
Attractive income with regular semi-annual income payment

The company's assets are USD 152 billion .

Boeing cannot be let down. It is the largest American exporter and a strategic company

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Boeing and Airbus form an oligopoly supplying commercial aircraft. It is also a major supplier to the US and NATO armies (30% of sales).

2020 was the biggest crisis in commercial aviation, far bigger than 9/11. Even this difficult time, however, the company survived well, after all, if it was not able to finance itself on the market, the state was ready to intervene - Boeing cannot be allowed to fall. It is the largest American exporter and a strategic company. The entry of a new competitor into the industry is extremely demanding in terms of both financial and human capital. All the experts who matter in the world of commercial flying work for either Airbus or Boeing.

Complete information

The Boeing Company
The name of the issue
Boeing, 5.805% 1may2050
US dollar $
Emission volume
5,500,000,000 USD

The face value of the bond


Indicative market price

931 USD


69 USD
Coupon from face value
5.805% pa
Coupon payout frequency

Due date

semi-annual salary

 100% liquidity

Minimum volume

Yield to Maturity 

6.43% pa - before taking into account all costs

The nearest repayment option

BBB- (Fitch)
Hierarchy of debt
Senior Secured & First Lien
You can find the prospectus for the bonds here:
 5.805% Senior Notes due 2050 - Prospectus


The company generated $9.4 billion before Covid-19  profit (13.6 billion FCF) and already in 2022 it will return to a profit of about 3.5 billion USD   thanks to the resumption of deliveries, which have already started to increase since the beginning of this year.

The company's assets are USD 152 billion . Of this, $26 billion is cash and $ 33 billion is real estate and machinery.

The company's total debt is  $ 65 billion .


Overall summary

We see investment in Boeing investment bonds as a very rare opportunity to secure a carefree and "risk-free" regular income. The investment can be turned into money at any time, and thus, despite the long maturity, the investor is not tied to money in any way.

We perceive the company as "non-defaultable".


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