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Basic information
Yield to maturity
Hierarchy of debt
Senior secured
B- ( Fitch

Complete information

DTEK Renewables BV
The name of the issue
DTEK Renewables, 8.5% 12Nov2024
euro €
Emission volume
325,000,000 EUR

The face value of the bond


Indicative market price

843 EUR


157 USD
Coupon from face value
8.50% p.a
Coupon payout frequency

Due date

semi-annual salary

 100% liquidity

Minimum volume

Yield to Maturity 

16.50% pa - before taking into account all costs

Preferred scenario

17.10% pa - before accounting for all costs
B- (Fitch)
Hierarchy of debt
Senior secured
You can find the prospectus for the bonds here:
8.50% Senior Notes due 2024 - Prospectus
The company operates some of the largest solar and wind power plants in Central and Eastern Europe
Wind power plant
The Botievska WPP (200 MW)  – commissioned in 2012 - 2014, equipped with 65 Vestas wind turbines of 3 MW each 
The Prymorska WPP (200MW) -  2019, 50 GE wind turbines, 3.8 MW
The Orlivska WPP (100 MW) – 2019, 26 Vestas wind turbines, 3.8 MW
černé pozadí
Solar power stations
The Trifanovska SPP (10 MW) – 2017, 37 thousand solar panels
The Nikopolska SPP (200 MW)  – 2019, 750 thousand solar panels
The Pokrovska SPP (240 MW)  – 2019, 873 thousand solar panels

Management (PwC audit)


The company owns first-class, new and efficient renewable energy assets that meet the set global energy policy. Especially after the victory of the Democrats in the USA, we can expect a rejoining of the Paris Agreement, from which Donald Trump withdrew. At the same time, wind generation is becoming the cheapest source of energy almost everywhere in the world.  

For bonds, we expect a return slightly above pre-Covid values. So EUR 1,100 + 15% price increase (+ coupon for the period of possession). Holding to maturity also offers a very attractive yield considering the bond's B- rating.

* PwC - International network of consulting companies that provides auditing, tax and consulting services.


The main representative of the DTEK company pointed out the leading values of the company and also what strength the company could have in the future.

A fundamental change

DTEK predicts and points out the change in electricity consumption in 2030. The extreme development of "green generation" , which should open the door to new opportunities and investors in renewable sources.

DTEK - belongs to "green bonds," or green bonds, which are tax-exempt under European legislation.

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