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PALE FF 5.75/26

Bond information

The company Pale Fire Financing, as issues bonds with a fixed interest rate of 5.75% pa. Interest is paid semiannually. The nominal value of one bond is 10,000 CZK, the expected total nominal value of the Issue is 500,000,000 CZK with the possibility of an increase to 750,000,000 CZK. The issuer has the option to redeem the bonds early, together with an extraordinary premium for the investor, no earlier than one year after the date of issue.


The issuer of the bonds is the company Pale Fire Financing, as The sole shareholder is the Guarantor of the issue, Pale Fire Capital SE, founded in 2015. It takes the form of a private equity fund that invests in innovative technology companies. The Issuer, the Guarantor and its other subsidiaries form the PFC Group, for whose development the proceeds of the issue will be used. PFC Group's strategy is based on the acquisition of e-commerce projects with potential for growth and geographic expansion. The key assets of the PFC Group are: FAVI – a European leader focused on the selection of furniture and home decorations, AUKRO – an auction portal, Semantic Visions – an intelligent software for analyzing the content of messages and the company UptimeRobot, which provides the service 
online infrastructure availability monitoring. 

Basic data



Date of issue


Subscription period

from 16/09/2021 to 15/09/2022

Total issue volume

750,000,000 CZK

The face value of the bond

10,000 CZK


Issue rate

5.75% p.a


Half-yearly (always 12/4 and 12/10)

Payment of coupons


Due date





Target markets

Client category

Non-Professional Investor, Professional Investor, Eligible Counterparty

Knowledge and experience

Informed investor, Experienced investor

Investment horizon

<5 years

Investment objective

Protection and growth

Ability to bear losses


Risk tolerance


Prospectus for download

PALE FF 5.75/26 - prospectus


The communication is not a proposal by Imperium Finance s.r.o. to conclude a contract. Investment instruments are associated with the risk of fluctuations in the current value of the invested amount, or the income from it, and the return of the originally invested amount is not guaranteed. To obtain net income values, the investor must take into account the fees charged by the company according to the valid price list and any taxation, which depends on the investor's personal circumstances and may change. Imperium Finance cautions investors with a home currency other than that of the particular investment vehicle that returns may rise or fall due to fluctuations in exchange rates. The communication is only informative, it does not replace the bond prospectus. Imperium Finance points out that the target market was not taken into account in the message - you may be outside the target market or even in the negative target market of the listed investment instruments.

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